Thursday, 19 June 2014

AOI Illustration awards - Thoka Maer, a rather beautiful discovery

Loved flicking through the AOI's illustration award winning categories today. I took a particular fancy to Thoka Maer's work. 'It's no Biggie', her little, cheeky pencil drawn and digitally­ animated GIFs are quite charming. 

The interview on the AOI website, gives a great insight into the way she works. I also love the way she describes what intrigues her about her practice... 

My illustrations have been on screens in places I will never see, they've glanced into faces I'll never meet, they were talked about in languages I cannot speak. This modern day ability to communicate over such distances­ it will probably never stop fascinating me." 

What a nice way to think of it? I reckon I could have a good conversation with this lady!

Friday, 30 May 2014

Beta Band - Dry The Rain

By'eck I forgot how good this is...

Was that really 14 years ago? By'eck!!

Friday, 28 February 2014

Viral Videos

The internet's gone all silly. Whether its pages of very silly animals or singing goats, we've all crowded round a screen to laugh at some mundane something or other.

Three appear to be the kings of it all, of late. Their Moonwalking Pony left me tickled last year, but I was truly uplifted by their latest feel good ad; Singing Kitty. It had me punching the air at my desk - and with nearly 3 million views perhaps I wasn't alone (or maybe I was?). It's random and ridiculous sharing material at its best.

Three #SingItKitty app ad

Coke have cleverly tapped into the irony of the disengaged / engaged, with their Social Media Guard ad. Encouraging us to free our lives from Social media - the thing that gets in the way of the real world or 'the thing that happens when you run out of battery.' So we can all share put the 'social' back into our lives.

I'll wish I had one of these next time someone reaches to take a photo of their dinner!

Coke's Social Media Guard

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas jumper watercolours

I recently stumbled across this rather lovely 1950's Christmas jumper on a routine lunchtime venture to Pop Boutique in Covent Garden. I couldn't resist, so here it is on my bed. Hurrah!

Feeling smug and inspired from my retail success, I couldn't help but think how great these festive pieces of attire would be as subjects for watercolours.   

So here they are. Nice eh?

I thought they'd make perfect Christmas cards too, so had some printed. Not quite in time for this years Christmas card rush, but I'll be selling them next year for sure!

Happy Christmas xxx

Sunday, 6 October 2013

A quick sketch at Borough Market

The weather has finally turned in London so I made my way to Borough Market last week for an obligatory chilly wander around. I managed to make one sketch of the market entrance before the heavens opened. I must make it back to do more.